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Epiphany Thomas-Ms Writer on,thomas91788t on youtube!!

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Epiphany"thomas91788t from youtube"Thomas's offical site! You'll find my link to my site on,where you'll find my Thriller story,Alex's Exorcism,a story about a boy possessed by 6 demons and gets an exorcism.You'll also find my link to my profile on youtube where you'll find my video,my kid,and my kid2! Hope you enjoy the site and have fun!

On this home page, I'll update about my new stories on,and let you known what's going on in the youtube world! I'm trying to get discovered!

What's New?

3/24/07-Alex's Exorcism is created on It will,shock you,suspend you,and make you want to read my stories more!
5/10/07-Sorry. I haven't updated this site in ages! My Photo Movie,My Photo Movie 2 is added to youtube. I have 3 subcribers to my youtube channel. ( I messed up my youtube url and i will update it soon. If you are a youtube user, PLEASE, subscribe, and watch my videos and, rate and comment!!!!!!!! And, add me to one of your friends!
6/19/08-Sorry for not being on here in over a year! I need to update so many things,it's not even funny! Sorry,and,I'll be be on here more!

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Epiphany Thomas-She is Ms. Writer on,famous for writng Alex's Exorcism,thomas91788t on youtube,famous for the videos "My Kid" and "My Kid!